8 Amazing Chocolate Sculptures

Since it first appeared in solid form in Europe in the nineteenth century, chocolate has evolved into the world’s most popular sweet treat. Chocolate today comes in an endless variety of shapes and sizes, and some chocolatiers and artists are taking chocolate art to the next level. From life-size replicas of celebrities to intricate replicas of buildings, there’s no end to the possibilities.


The Burj Khalifa, in chocolate

In 2014, the city of Dubai set a new Guinness World Record for the tallest structure made from chocolate. The sculpture is a 13,5 metre tall replica of the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifa.

This edible artwork was created by master chocolatier Andrew Farrugia, using 4,200 kilograms of Belgian chocolate. The impressive sculpture took Andrew and his team a whopping 1,050 hours to construct.

Babtiste Giabiconi

In 2011, fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld and Magnum teamed up for a campaign, for which they commissioned a cocoa-dusted chocolate replica of Lagerfeld’s muse, male model Baptiste Giabiconi.

Featured in TV commercials, the life-size chocolate model is clad in nothing but briefs made of white chocolate and reclined on a chocolate bed, in an entire room made from chocolate. About 10,5 tons of  Belgian chocolate was used to create the room, its furnishings and the life-size replica.

Chocofest Easter Bunny

The largest chocolate Easter bunny was created in Brazil in 2014. A Brazilian company, Senac-RS, created the 3,850 kilogram bunny for the Easter festival of Chocofest in Gramado, Brazil. The sculpture took five days to complete and was built with the help of an engineer.

The massive rabbit measured 4,1 metres tall, 1,9 metres wide at the base, and 1,8 metres in depth!

“Benedict Chocobatch”

In celebration of Benedict Cumberbatch being voted the hottest dramatic actor on UK television in 2015, chocolatier Jen Lindsay-Clark and a team of seven others constructed a life-size chocolate statue of the actor.

Nicknamed “Benedict Chocobatch”, the sculpture, which was made from 500 Belgian chocolate bars, took the team more than 250 hours to make and weighed in at around 40 kilograms.

Longest Chocolate Train

Another amazing chocolate artwork created by Andrew Farrugia is this 34-metre-long steam train. Unveiled in 2012 during Brussels Chocolate Week, this life-like train was made from 1,250 kilograms of chocolate and took an incredible 784 hours to complete. At the time of completion, this was the longest chocolate sculpture ever recorded.

Chocolate Room in Kaliningrad Plaza

Sculptor Elena Climent was commissioned to create a room completely out of chocolate, in celebration of the fifth anniversary of Kaliningrad Plaza, a shopping mall in Russia. The chocolate room, which was created inside the mall, was carved out of 420 kilograms of white, milk and dark chocolate. The room is around 20 square metres in size, and is furnished with only chocolate items. These include candle-holders, flowers, a clock, a table and a sofa.


Master chocolatier Patrick Roger has created many sculptures from chocolate, including, in 2010, the tallest chocolate Christmas tree. His latest masterpieces focus on endangered species, such as penguins, orangutans, bears and hippos. Many of his chocolate artworks are displayed in the windows of his shops, but are not for consumption.

One of these creations was a herd of half-submerged, battling hippos, sculpted from 7-metre-long chocolate bars. The hippos were displayed in the window of his shop in Saint Germain, Paris.

Nike Airs

Chocolate fashion is becoming increasingly popular, with chocolate dresses, head-pieces and even high-heels making waves. For Nike Air Max 90’s 25th anniversary, Milan Miladinov, a London-based design student, created these milk chocolate replicas of the Nike trainers. Moulded from the real trainers, the chocolate Nikes are made from solid milk chocolate.

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