Best Corporate Gifts in South Africa

The best corporate gifts reflect thought and consideration, so picking the right gift is important. Rather than reflexively giving t-shirts branded with your company logo, consider everything you know about the recipients – their hobbies or interests, where they go on holiday, what they like to eat and whether or not they have families.

The corporate gifts that make the most impact are those that celebrate a business relationship rather than an occasion.

Consider some of the following options the next time you’re in the market for a corporate gift:



Customised chocolates

Personalised Chocolates

Chocolate is always a winner, provided you find something a bit different or personalise it in some way. At Chocolate Time, we provide a range of popular corporate gifts. These include high-quality, wrapped Belgian chocolates that are customised with a personalised message, business logo or other image; beautifully boxed chocolates, with or without ribbon; and a wide range of moulded chocolates for special events.



A bonsai tree

Bonsai tree

If you have the budget and really want to make an impression, consider giving a Bonsai tree. Bonsai trees are available in numerous varieties and will brighten up just about any office. These striking, miniature trees make excellent corporate gifts because they are fairly easy to maintain, many varieties survive well in office conditions and they last much longer than many other gifts. A Bonsai tree in a client’s office will serve as a constant, positive reminder of you and your business.



A power bank

Power Bank

With on-going load-shedding in South Africa, any gift that provides power when the lights go down is appreciated. Consider giving a solar-charged power bank, which can charge a phone or tablet when the power is down.



A USB pen

If you want to ensure that your gift doesn’t get tossed or gather dust in a drawer, give something that can be used often. A USB pen, which incorporates a pen and a USB flash drive, comes in handy for anyone who works in an office, and its dual function means that it’s likely to be used twice as often as either item on its own.



A hydro flask

A hydro flask is an insulated stainless steel water bottle that keeps liquids cool or hot for extended periods of time. This is an excellent corporate gift for anyone who takes exercise seriously or regularly participates in sports.



A digital photo frame

Family-orientated clients, or those who are crazy about their pets, might appreciate a digital photo frame they can use to display snapshots of their loved ones.



Coffee beans

Coffee beans

Nowadays everyone seems to be a coffee connoisseur. If you’re looking for a gift for a serious coffee drinker, consider giving a bag of luxury coffee beans, on its own or, even better, inside a classy coffee plunger.



Personalised stationery

Consider giving your clients stationery with their names on it, rather than your company’s branding. Not only is this likely to be used by the recipient, but it will remind your clients of you every time they use it.


For more information about the very best chocolate corporate gifts in South Africa, contact us at Chocolate Time and we’ll be happy to assist.

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