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Custom Branded Chocolates For Your Next Event!

Kids Birthday Parties We have all seen those beautiful boxes at kids birthday parties filled with all the delicious chocolate that makes us want to be kids again. Be the talk of the town between the mommies with your very own custom branded chocolates for your kiddies next birthday party. See something on Pinterest that

Father’s Day in South Africa

On the third Sunday of June, we celebrate our fathers and father figures on Father’s Day to show our appreciation for their guidance and love. Although the holiday has been internationally recognised for just over a century, the tradition of honouring our fathers is thousands of years old. A Father’s Day fable tells of a

Why Chocolate Is the Best Hospitality Gift

Food trends come and go, but the one treat that remains a universal favourite, year after year, is chocolate. This makes it the perfect hospitality gift. Unlike many other items, it’s equally popular with all age groups and across almost all cultures. Perhaps it’s because of the cacao bean’s geographically and culturally diverse history. Chocolate

Boost your guesthouse ratings in South Africa

A study on the factors that lead to customer satisfaction in guesthouses in Gauteng suggested that guesthouse owners should “interact with as many people as possible to form networks”. Together with satisfied customers, these networks generate the word-of-mouth recommendations so highly prized in the hospitality industry. Today, of course, both networking and recommendations occur online. Without a

Best Wedding Favours in Cape Town

A wedding favour is a great way to thank your guests for sharing in your special day. Whether you’re on a shoe-string budget or planning the wedding of the century, remember that the best favours are thoughtful ones. It’s a good idea to choose a favour that complements your wedding theme, is unique to your

Best Corporate Gifts in South Africa

The best corporate gifts reflect thought and consideration, so picking the right gift is important. Rather than reflexively giving t-shirts branded with your company logo, consider everything you know about the recipients – their hobbies or interests, where they go on holiday, what they like to eat and whether or not they have families. The