Sports Chocolates

Personalise and Brand your sporting event 

Celebrate a great fun, and hopefully successful season in style when you hand out your team's very own personalised chocolates.

We can add team photos, club mascots, even individual player photos if you like.

Our designs range from soccer to ballet, from basketball to ten pin bowling. 

And don't think the sports are limited - we can create any design you like!

If you are not sure and need some advice, please give us a call

#Ballet  #Suynchronised swimming  #Archery #Soccer  #Cricket  #Rugby #Boxing

#Toe Wrestling  #Quiddich  #Underwater Hockey #Cheese Rolling  #Pillow Fighting 

R 14.95 incl. VAT
R 26.95 incl. VAT
R 16.50 incl. VAT
R 19.85 incl. VAT
R 7.75 incl. VAT
R 9.50 incl. VAT
R 9.95 incl. VAT
R 13.95 incl. VAT
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