What is the Minimum order?

Please look at our Design Your Wrapper and Gallery on line information.
Minimum orders are available under each product.

On orders over R5000.00 we offer discounted prices.
Please send us your request and we will send you a quote.

How long does delivery take?

Design Your Wrapper on Line and Gallery Our turn around time for minimum orders is between 4/5 working days. Orders over R5000.00 we will provide lead times. Stickers or custom printed labels will need to be directly ordered through us, no design on line option. These lead times will be included in your quote.

Can I collect directly from Chocolate time?

Yes, please specify that you are collecting.

Will the chocolate melt in transit?

Our couriers are exceptionally careful in handling our shipping. We treat  every order as priority FRAGILE

What is the shelf life or our chocolates?

12 month shelf life if the chocolate is stored in a cool dark space.

What is the African Blend chocolate?

This is a locally sourced chocolate with a higher sugar content. Please find ingredients of our chocolates under the Design Your Wrapper page.

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